It’s that time of the year again! We all make resolutions for the new year. But as a believer what kind of resolutions should we make? Here are: “10 Banging Christian Resolutions

1. Stop being chained to past failures.

2. Commit to disciplining your children (of course those of us who have children).

3. No more beef (drama).

4. Commit to being in a fruit-bearing relationship with Jesus Christ before you start dating.

5. Show some respect in 3 areas: your parents, your boss, & your education.

6. Bringing it to the 10′: Commit to witnessing to 10 people – 5 friends, 5 family members.

7. Commit to family devotions.

8. For the Ladies – Stop trying to figure out if he likes you or assuming he does, For the Brothers – stop
chasing eye candy girls (stop being led by your eyes).

9. Commit to making one disciple.

10. Commit to not go into the new year a slave to sin.

Click Here to view the video and hear these resolutions explained in more depth.